Artists Answer: Why is abstract art so expensive?

Artists Answer: Why is abstract art so expensive?

In this series, we're asking artists to answer the most-Googled questions about abstract art. The first question was, "why is abstract art so popular?" and the answers can be found here. This week, we're answering, "why is abstract art so expensive?"


"It's expensive because it, 1. It take a lot of time to create and, 2. You are not just paying for the canvas and paint - you are paying for their (the artist's) creativity, time, emotions & efforts…hence it's expensive." - Zeba Salim, Visual Artist, Saudi Arabia

"Abstract art is an extension of the artist, it’s deeply personal yet universal. When you buy a piece of abstract art it’s like you bought an insight into the artists soul." - Farriha, Mixed Media Artist, UK

"How can you put a price on a visual representation of a brain?" - Hannah Goo Art, Artist, USA

"Because it's an extension of the artist. It takes many hours to create these pieces and a lot of experience mixed with expensive tools, paints & mediums and so much more." - Nicole Dickson, Abstract Artist, Australia

"In my opinion because it’s a reflection of how humans experience; rather than how we see, interpret, think, or acknowledge—which exemplars of that play out everywhere but to really recreate, to share an internal experience is really only able to be done symbolically or abstractly. The importance lies in it being a huge pillar of experience as humans - emotions, sensations; keeping that alive recreating that through time is the important work of abstract art." - Dom, Visual Artist, USA

"Because it's still art, and took time, energy and creativity to be produced." - R. Spring, Artist, USA

"To achieve proficiency and expertise in creating abstract art, a lot of experience is needed. Even if it seems to follow no rules, abstract art requires expertise in the use of colour combinations, textures, and most importantly composition. These techniques are all learned and developed over time, with lots of practice. While it is difficult to define abstract art as high- or low-quality or “good” and “bad”, the more visually appealing abstract art usually follows a set of rules and guidelines. When engaging a software developer, you usually do not pay them based on the time needed to complete a task, but rather you are paying for their level of skills and experience. It is their skills and experience that allows them to complete the task in a shorter amount of time than it would take someone with less experience. The same principle applies for abstract artists – you are paying for all the experience, effort and practice that was required to create the painting you are purchasing." - Danica, Artist, Germany

"Abstract art is pure creation. The artist needs practice to take what they see in their head or feel in their heart and put it on canvas. There are no reference photos to tell us when we are on the right track so we must create over and over again until we feel that have it. That experience is what the collector is paying for." - Amber Henderson, Artist, USA


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