Artists Answer: Why is abstract art so popular?

Artists Answer: Why is abstract art so popular?

In this series, we're asking artists to answer the most-Googled questions about abstract art. First question up is, "why is abstract art so popular?"

"Abstract art allows the viewers inside the head and the heart of the artist. They can feel what we felt as we were painting. But it also allows them attach their own meaning and emotions to the artwork so it becomes a very personal experience for them." - Amber Henderson, Artist, USA

"Since abstract art is, as the name says, abstract, it has different meaning depending on the observer of the art. The beauty, ugliness, surprise or admiration of abstract art lies in the eye of the beholder. “Traditional” art usually clearly captures a motif – a flower, a busy street, a portrait, a bowl of fruit. Part of the attraction of abstract art is in how it is disconnected from a certain motif, allowing the viewer to project their own understanding and interpretation onto the abstract artwork." - Danica, Artist, Germany

"Abstract art is popular because it’s personal and each person can see, or feel even, something different with a different significance to them in the abstract nature of this kind of art form." - Dom, Visual Artist, USA

"Abstract art is popular because it is so open ended and fun." - Haylee, Mixed Media Artist, USA

"Abstract art brings about the unexpected...I think we need the unexpected in our lives." Lizzy Mango, Artist, Italy & USA

"Consumers feel deeply about certain colours and movements in the art. It speaks to people. Tickles their neurological pathways." - Nicole Dickson, Abstract Artist, Australia

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Abstract art leaves the viewer to interpret the piece in more ways than realism can. There may be multiple ways to view and feel about a piece with abstraction.


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