Artists Answer: "Why is abstract art so bad?"

Artists Answer: "Why is abstract art so bad?"

In this series, we're asking artists to answer the most-Googled questions about abstract art. Last week's question was, "why is abstract art so important?" and the answers can be found here. This week, we're answering, "why is abstract art so bad?" and heads up, some of the answers are absolutely hilarious (shout out to Nicole Dickson, icon)


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! However I do think that with any art, the more time you spend with it, the better it will be. Artists who don’t spend much time on their art will inevitably produce bad art." - Ryka, Emerging Artist, USA

"Some people have that opinion. But nothing is that black and white " - Ashley Joy, Painter, Brazil & USA

"No, I dont agree to this point. No art is bad, and abstract art is never bad. Every artwork has its own beauty which lies within." - Zeba Salim, Visual Artist, Saudi Arabia

"Beyond individual preference for styles, colors, motifs, etc...I think abstract art offers an opportunity to find bits and pieces of ourselves and our experience in the art, which can be painful and difficult at times. " - Lizzy Mango, Artist, Italy & USA

"Abstract art can be bad when it is not taken seriously - when someone thinks they can chuck paint at a canvas without any plan, work, or experience and call it good art. " - Amber Henderson, Artist, USA

"Nothing is bad, it’s a feeling which maybe evoked by a piece of work within the person viewing it, maybe it means there’s something which we need to look within ourselves to answer that question, sometimes it’s not even obvious, it may be something subliminal." - Farriha, Mixed Media Artist, UK

"The only reason I can think of is… abstract art is bad when it’s considered “hotel” art or “bathroom” art or “boring office” art. That really makes me mad when someone sees my abstract art and says “wow that would be great in an office” like ew how boring." - Hannah Goo Art, Artist, USA

"The beauty or ugliness of abstract art is defined by the one that is observing the art. Even the most famous artworks, which are considered masterpieces by most, can be considered “bad” or “ugly” by others. Yet another proof of beauty being subjective." - Danica, Artist, Germany

"Nepotism." - Dom, Visual Artist, USA

" no compute. Sorry. some people really don't connect with abstract artworks because they don't connect with the colours...they do say that intelligent people love it, Haha, I feel that many that don't like it are a little angry at life and would benefit from a few abstract messy play sessions..." - Nicole Dickson, Abstract Artist, Australia

"Because we're putting feelings and thoughts into physical form, and it doesn't always make sense in the physical world." - R. Spring, Artist, USA

"What determines what is considered “bad” abstract art, just like all art, is just other people’s opinions. What one person thinks is bad someone else will think is amazing. " - Haylee, Mixed Media Artist, USA


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