Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question, write to & we'll get back to you soon!

  • Q: Where can I buy prints?

    Prints are availale on Saatchi Art as well as in smaller forms on Zazzle. If you're looking for a print of a specific piece and can't find it, send us an email and we'll work on it.

  • Q: Do you do commissions?

    Yes! Commission spots open/close depending on my availability. I currently have space for 1 April commision and 2 May commissions. Write to to request a commission guide.

  • How fast is shipping?

    Originals will ship within a week of purchase, Archived Pieces may take longer. Write to with any specific questions. Current art will ship from Italy.

  • Q: Charity discount?

    I am happy to offer a 20% discount to all charities non-profits, and/or small businesses. For this discount, email us with the piece(s) desired - originals only.

  • Q: Can we collaborate?

    Let's explore it! To propose a collaborative project, send a brief concept via email and we'll get back to you within a week. I'm always glad to make creative connections!

  • Q: Do you trade art?

    If you're an artist yourself looking to engage in the barter-system, write to me with a proposed trade! I'd love to figure something out that works for both of us.