Color inspires joy.

At Colorata Studio, our slogan is more than a marketing tool, it's a core part of our identity.

Colorata Studio was created by artist & designer Lizzy Mango with the goal of inspiring joy through color.

Our physical studio is based in Sicily, Italy and Colorata Studio LLC is based in WY, USA.

About Lizzy

Hi friends! I'm Lizzy, an artist based in Italy. I believe that color inspires joy and this is the goal of my work. Pieces I create center vibrant colors and bold textures combined through innovative, abstract techniques. 

Outside my art life, I'm a social worker and because of this, themes surrounding emotions, relationships and systems can be found at the center of my artistic work. 

My work features acrylics, pastels and a variety of mixed-media materials and tools. I have a strong preference for texture and mark-making tools that are reused, upcycled or otherwise earth-conscious, bubblewrap is one of my all time favorites! 

Currently, I'm focused on expanding my Deconstructed Rainbow collection and building my Neon-on-Neutral collection. 

I love collaborating with fellow artists and creators and believe the more art we bring into the world, the more potential there is for collective joy & healing. I'm glad you're here, have a look around and reach out if I can do anything for you.

Current Work

Artist Bio

Lizzy Mango (b. 1994, United States) is a painter and mixed media artist based in Sicily, Italy. Her maximalist approach to abstract art is grounded in her belief that color inspires joy. She comes to the art world with a background in social work and creates art that emulates and inspires healing. Her ongoing Deconstructed Rainbow Series offers an opportunity to explore themes of identity, emotion and collective futures through innovative approaches to color design. She has been creating since childhood and began her journey as full-time artist in 2022. Her latest work combines vibrant floral motifs with raw canvas as a means of exploring modern life in the Mediterranean. Some of her most recent works will be featured in British Vogue's Spring Art Campaign.