The Deconstructed Rainbow Series

The Deconstructed Rainbow Series

In-progress for over a year now, this is my favorite original series and combines both originals with digital designs in pursuit of joy through color. The backbone of this series is a consistent color palette consistently of bright neons across the entire rainbow spectrum. Several texture techniques are used to combine thin layers of color in ways that offer new ways of looking at color friendships. Ultimately the goal of this series is to breakdown what we traditionally think of as a rainbow (ROYGBIV in an arc formation) and offer a deconstructed look at how these colors play together when aligned (reconstructed) differently than expected. Some pieces in this series feature redesigned forms, like the piece featured above, while others adjust both form and order.

Beyond color theory, rainbows hold significance and different meanings around the world. Commonly associated with identity, hope, peace and the future (among other things), this series offers alternative ways to consider these narratives in-practice. Ultimately, there is not one intended message behind this series, but instead a variety of opportunities for curiosity, inquiry and imagination for those who engage with this piece. 

This series will continue through 2023 and possibly beyond. For questions about this body of work, reach me at at anytime.


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